Sharing Economy in N.H.: The Debate Over How to Regulate Companies Like Airbnb & Uber

May 2, 2016

While the debate about services like Airbnb is loudest in cities such as San Francisco and New York, it's also made inroads in less urban places like New Hampshire. We look at concerns over the lack of regulation, as well as the opportunities. Then, at the end of the hour, we'll discuss Uber, another major sharing economy company growing in the Granite State.


  • Alison Griswold, reporter for Quartz, a digital business news publication from Atlantic Media. She covers the sharing economy and other business topics.
  • Bob Sanders, longtime reporter at New Hampshire Business Review.
  • Neil Niman, economics professor at the University of New Hampshire

We also heard from Representative Ed Butler, D-Hart's Location, who sponsored HB 1590, which addresses regulation of short-term rental businesses like Airbnb.