Shaheen Visits N.H. Mead Maker Getting Drained By Trump Trade War

Jul 20, 2018

Senator Jeanne Shaheen visited the Londonderry maker of honey wines Moonlight Meadery today. She stopped by to illustrate how local companies are impacted by the Trump administration's trade policies.

Distillery owner Michael Fairbrother says he was working on a deal with China that would have almost doubled his revenue. But thanks to retaliatory tariffs from China, Fairbrother says he's lost $750 thousand dollars in sales. 

Shaheen says Moonlight is also expecting canning costs to increase because of tariffs.

"This is a double hit for Moonlight Meadery," she says. "And sadly, we're hearing from small businesses all across New Hampshire that they're being affected by these tariffs. And it's only going to get worse."

Shaheen says she's co-sponsoring bipartisan legislation that would require national security tariffs to have the approval of Congress.