Shaheen Questions Mattis On Trump's NATO Comments

Jan 12, 2017

Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

  U.S Senator Jeanne Shaheen questioned Donald Trump’s pick for defense secretary about NATO during confirmation hearings today.

As a candidate, President–Elect Trump questioned the utility of NATO, but in picking General James Mattis to lead the military, Trump selected a former NATO commander.

Shaheen asked Mattis about Trump’s NATO comments and about a a slated boost in U.S. funding for NATO under an initiative known as ERI.

“Will you support the ERI continuing as secretary of defense?

“Senator, I do support ERI. NATO, from my perspective, having served once as a NATO Supreme Allied Commander, is the most successful military alliance in modern history, probably ever.”

Mattis skipped a direct answer when asked if he was concerned by Trumps statements on NATO but said in his discussion with Trump the president-elect has shown himself to be open.