Shaheen: 'Highly-Edited' Videos Disturbing, But Against Defunding Planned Parenthood

Jul 30, 2015

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen speaking on the Senate floor Wednesday.
Credit CSPAN

New Hampshire Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen says she’ll vote against legislation to defund Planned Parenthood.

Speaking on the Senate floor Wednesday, Senator Shaheen says stripping Planned Parenthood of more than $500 million in federal funding would make it harder for millions of women, including 12,000 in New Hampshire, to get the health care they need.

"The highly-edited videos that have been circulated are disturbing. Planned Parenthood has apologized and the secretly-taped videos and Planned Parenthood's practices are under review by the Department of Justice. That's appropriate," she said. "But make no mistake about it. The group that's responsible for these deceptive videos is motivated by a single purpose: to limit access to abortion services."

Following the release of the videos, Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte called for the formal investigation into Planned Parenthood.

However, Ayotte has yet to sign on as a supporter of the bill going before the Senate Monday that would defund the organization.