Shaheen And Warren Rally Their Base, Brown Stumps Farther Afield

Oct 25, 2014

Democrat Jeanne Shaheen was joined on the campaign trail this weekend by one of her party’s biggest stars: Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Senator who defeated Scott Brown in 2012. While Shaheen’s campaign stops targeted core Democratic constituencies – college towns and union halls --  Scott Brown’s campaign sought votes a bit farther afield.

Senator Warren stumps with Senator Shaheen at UNH
Credit Emily Corwin / NHPR

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren made one thing clear to the crowd at the University of New Hampshire.  Scott Brown is not from here.

“It did not cross my mind that after beating Scott Brown, what he would do is he would pack up his pickup truck and move to his vacation home in New Hampshire,” Warren said, “to become the candidate to try to run against Jeanne Shaheen!”

“You can pack up your pickup truck,” Warren continued, “but I don’t care how fast you drive it, you’re not going to outrun your voting record in the United States Senate.”

While the crowd numbered about 100, the students seemed to be somewhere else. Some, perhaps, were standing in line with the mobs at Redhook Brewery’s annual Brew Fest. That’s where Republican Scott Brown making the scene with his own high profile chaperone: US Senator, Kelly Ayotte.

Senator Kelly Ayotte snaps a photo for a fan with Scott Brown
Credit Emily Corwin / NHPR

Together, they ogled at 20-somethings' pretzel and snack necklaces, and took selfies with starstruck beer enthusiasts.

“Can I count on your vote?” Brown asked as he shook hands throughout the afternoon.

With the polls close and the election only 10 days away he won’t have to wait long to see how that pans out.