Senators Call For Electric Grid Investigation

Nov 4, 2011

With power still out from last weekend’s snow storm, New Hampshire’s senators are pressuring federal regulators for answers.

New Hampshire’s senators are asking the federal agencies that oversee electrical grids to identify why the power keeps going out.

More than three hundred thousand people in New Hampshire were left in the dark and cold after the storm Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte says that’s unacceptable.

“With the ice storm there was a pretty lengthy outage and with this storm there was an outage and we want to make sure the grid is where it should be.”

Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen says they need to know where resources need to be deployed to avoid such widespread outages.

“It’s a combination of things. Aging infrastructure is probably a piece of it. The other piece of it is the frequency of these weather events.”

The two senators didn’t ask for a response by a specific date, but Shaheen says they’ll apply pressure to make sure government regulators don’t delay until deep into the coming winter months.