Securing New Hampshire's Schools: From Fortifying Buildings to Supporting Students

Sep 24, 2018

In July, Governor Sununu's School Safety Preparedness Task Force released a report with more than 50 recommendations addressing school safety, covering such issues as improving school culture by expanding social and emotional learning programs and fortifying school building by installing security cameras and special "Columbine" locks. (Scroll down to read the full report.)

When it comes to gun laws, the task force recommended the legislature study such issues as background checks for gun purchases and red-flag laws, which allow law enforcement to remove guns from those deemed dangerous.  We'll take a look at the report and get an update. 


Matthew Canfield - Chief of the Laconia Police Department and a member of Governor Sununu's School Safety Preparedness Task Force. 

Carl Ladd - Executive Director of the N.H. School Administrators Association, a former superintendent and teacher in grades 6 through 12.  He has also served as a school board member.  

Maxine Mosely -  Guidance counselor for nearly 40 years, she works at the McLaughlin Middle School in Manchester.  She is also vice president of the Manchester Education Association. 

Perry Plummer - Director of N.H. Homeland Security and Emergency Management and chairman of Governor Sununu's School Safety Preparedness Task Force.

Read the report: