Second Bitcoin Embassy In US Opens in New Hampshire | New Hampshire Public Radio

Second Bitcoin Embassy In US Opens in New Hampshire

Oct 30, 2018

A Bitcoin Embassy, where people and businesses can learn more about the cryptocurrency, has opened its doors in Keene.  

The facility, located inside a gift shop on Rt. 101, will offer classes for both individuals and businesses looking to know more about the money that’s sometimes described as “cash for the internet.”

“For regular everyday people who have heard about Bitcoin and they are intrigued by the idea, we can basically get them up to speed without throwing lots of technical jargon at them,” says executive director Chris Rietmann.

He says this is the second Bitcoin Embassy to open in the United States; the other is in Atlanta.

Rietmann calls Keene a natural fit, as it is believed to have one of the highest per capita number of businesses that accept the currency in the world. He’s hoping to encourage more shops to come on board.

“We can show them really easily how they can begin to accept Bitcoin and why they should accept Bitcoin.”

Along with classes, the facility will host networking events, as well as Bitcoin movie nights.