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Second Amendment Protests at PSU Get Strong Reaction

Dec 9, 2011


Two men who had threatened to bring guns onto Plymouth State University’s campus triggered strong reactions from members of the campus community.

The anti-gun-law protesters who accompanied the men sang songs, and engaged onlookers in conversations about the right to bear arms.

Student Alex Cabeceiras says that he thinks no-one on campus took part in the protest.

Cabeceiras: I think it’s pretty stupid, I mean, I’m all for you know, being against the state infringing on our rights but something about fire-arms and education don’t seem to mesh well.

Professors and students organized a silent counter-protest.

Professor Robin DeRosa says that many professors canceled classes and the president issued a statement telling those who didn’t feel safe to stay home.

DeRosa: A lot of students and faculty were nervous about coming out today, but we felt like it was important to stand there, even when we didn’t feel safe to communicate that school is not a place for guns.

The university took out a restraining order to keep the former police officer and army veteran from bringing weapons onto campus.

While both men appeared not to be armed, they refused to say whether they were concealing weapons.