Seabrook Nuclear Plant Gets Back Online Safely After Emergency Shutdown

16 hours ago

Data from the regional grid operator, ISO-New England, shows the moment on May 29 when Seabrook station shut down. Nuclear power generation is represented by the orange line.
Credit ISO-NE

Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant is back online after an emergency shutdown this past weekend.

Officials with the plant and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission say the incident did not pose a safety risk, and a watchdog group agrees.

The malfunction involved Seabrook’s control rods, which are used to fine-tune the fission reaction that powers the facility.

A report to federal regulators says on Friday afternoon, a set of control rods moved into the reactor when they weren't supposed to.

This led operators to trip the reactor, or shut it down. The whole process is known as an emergency manual scram.

The NRC says Seabrook resumed stable operations after the shutdown and began powering back up on Monday. It’s now at full strength.

The incident came just days before Seabrook hosts its annual safety meeting to update the public and answer questions. The event will take place virtually on Wednesday.

New England’s other nuclear plant, Millstone in Connecticut, operated normally throughout the scram. Together, the two facilities can supply about a third of the region’s electricity.