Sanders Urges Voters to the Polls for 'Historic' Midterms

Nov 4, 2018

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders speaks at Brookside Community Church in Manchester.
Credit Jason Moon for NHPR

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was among the political figures crisscrossing the state this weekend ahead of this week’s midterm elections.

On Sunday Sanders started with a rally at UNH then headed to Brookside Community Church in Manchester, where a packed house awaited him.

His speech touched on many familiar themes for the Independent senator, including single-payer healthcare, income inequality, and campaign finance reform. Sanders told the crowd that while some called his ideas radical during his run for president two years ago, public support is now on his side.

“The good news is that on issue after issue, the American people are beginning to demand that the government of the United States start representing all of the people, not just wealthy campaign contributors.”

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is greeted by a supporter following a speech in Manchester.
Credit Jason Moon for NHPR

Sanders called Tuesday's election the most important midterm election in modern history. He called on voters to reject what he called President Donald Trump’s divisive agenda.

“We understand that the future of this country is coming together and Trump and nobody is going to divide us up.”

Sanders notably did not throw his support behind any candidates on the ballot in New Hampshire during his speech. But he made his feelings about the Republican Party and Donald Trump clear, saying that the president had a "pathological problem" when it comes to telling the truth.