With Sanders' Poll Numbers Looming, Bill Clinton Makes Case for Hillary's Comeback

Jan 20, 2016

Credit Natasha Haverty

 With less than three weeks to go before the state’s presidential primary, a new poll from UNH shows Bernie Sanders leading with nearly twice as much support as rival Hillary Clinton. Today, former President Bill Clinton showed up to make his case for why that should change. 

It was standing room only in Concord’s Green Street community center, where Clinton campaign staffers wove through the crowd with clipboards, asking people to volunteer. President Clinton didn’t ignore the competition.

“I wanna begin by saying I know we’re in a hard fight here and I know we’re running against one of your neighbors.”

But he also didn’t name that neighbor, only calling Sanders “Her opponent.”

Instead, Clinton took a calm walk through Sanders' and his wife’s policy differences, including their divide on how to attain affordable healthcare. He implied that Sanders’ plan would mean starting from scratch.

“So it’s a recipe for gridlock. And her position is we can’t afford to wait.”

And President Clinton’s big idea was this: there might be passion and excitement around the Vermont Senator, but it’s Hillary Clinton who’ll have your back for the long haul. 

“But then there are all the other days. Every day the President has to get up and go to work and every day a president properly motivated with the right skills can make something good happen!  You can push that rock up the hill every single day. And I know this now.”

A few supporters held signs that called Hillary Clinton the “Comeback Kid”—a nod to the nickname Bill earned in ‘92 when he finished second in the New Hampshire Primary. After that primary, Clinton went on to win the White House.