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Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Rally At Statehouse

Feb 7, 2012


About 200 people showed up to hold signs and hear speeches by gay marriage critics. House speaker William O’Brien, GOP gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne and  Republican national committeewoman Phylliss Woods all said its time to undo the two year old law allowing gays to marry.  David Bates, a State Rep. from Windham, wrote the repeal bill and MC'd the rally.

"There is no truth that should be more self evident than men and women were created for each other. Nature itself dictate that marriage will be between men and women, other arrangement are unnatural and incapable of sustaining the human species."

 Bates proposal would replace the same-sex marriage law with civil unions for any unmarried adults – including family members. The bill has the backing of the of the House judiciary committee, but  Speaker O’Brien hasn’t said when he plans to put it to a vote by the full house. He has until March 22 to do so. If it passes there it heads to the Senate. Governor Lynch has promised the veto the repeal should it reach his desk.