Rules Committee Rejects Bid To Elect House Leaders

Dec 18, 2014

No one expected this proposal to win favor in a committee led by House Speaker Shawn Jasper and made up of lawmakers who back his leadership.

But those loyal to Bill O’Brien, like Amherst Representative Steve Stepanek, gave it a try.

"For the integrity of the house it is important to put things in rules now that we took for granted as being precedent."

Before the committee voted it down, House Speaker Jasper, countered that not having a Speaker appoint leaders is what lacks precedent.

"There have never been candidates for leader, except for 2010-2012, and when the majority leader resigned at that time, the speaker appointed a new leader without going back to the caucus."

This proposal will likely be debated early next year by the full house. Speaker Jasper told reporters he's not concerned it will gain any traction in the meantime.

"Nowhere, I don’t see it going anywhere."

House rules, which include a provision to again allow concealed weapons on the house floor will be put to a vote on January 7th.