Rubio's Stump Names a New Opponent: Bernie Sanders

Feb 4, 2016

GOP Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio’s pretty much stuck to the same stump speech for months— a focus on America’s God given rights, the threats posed by ISIS, and, a promise to repeal all of President Obama’s executive actions.

He makes the case that he’s the most electable Republican running, referencing Hillary Clinton through the whole speech.

But since Iowa, Rubio’s added one more character to his speech, a guy whose photo made it into the gallery up on the wall here in the large conference room here at St. Anselm: Bernie Sanders.

"Bernie Sanders is a socialist. Now usually when you say it about someone in American politics they deny it. [Laughter] To his credit Bernie admits it, he’s right up there see his picture? Where’s my picture? [Laughter] It’s coming, alright. Well why is he up there? I guess he’s from Vermont it’s closer, whatever."

Since Rubio’s unexpectedly strong finish in Iowa, his events have been packed. His next town hall is at Fisk Elementary School in Salem Thursday night—45 miles away from where the Senator from Vermont will be debating.