Rubens Wins Liberty Caucus Support

May 29, 2014

To Liberty Caucus Chairman Aaron Day's way of thinking the symbolism of recent endorsements in this race is clear:

The GOP establishment has its candidate in former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and republicans who prize the constitution and tackle problems with ideas have theirs in Jim Rubens.

"He’s thoughtful, intelligent, and open to rational discussion and debate."

Jim Rubens doesn't agree with the caucus on all issues – he favors more disclosure on campaign spending and opposes  gambling – but Rubens predicted that if he can get thought the primary, he can appeal to his entire party.

"If you talk with the so-called establishment types what do they say about me? Completely credible, know what I’m talking about, has solution to issues, not crazy."

One example of this, Rubens says, is his abandonment of the carbon tax as a possible solution to an  global climate change.

According to roll call Rubens is the only republican running or US Senate who says human activity is driving climate change. Rubens says he still believes that but he’s given up on the carbon tax idea, because it’s a non-starter politically.