Romney Says President Obama's Policies Are Bad for Business

Jan 5, 2012

Campaigning in New Hampshire, Republican Mitt Romney accused President Obama of creating a bad business climate.

Romney said the President’s policies are designed to help his political allies more than the country as a whole.

He told voters in Salem that President Obama packed the National Labor Relations Board with union stooges; that he used the stimulus to repay public sector unions, and that the President backed green jobs initiatives to benefit supporters at companies like Solyndra.

"This president is a crony capitalist. He’s a job killer, and it’s going to keep American from creating the jobs we need," said Romney. "You know he said he wanted to create green jobs. But I don’t think we understood he wants to create jobs for people who give him the green," said Romney.

Romney mentioned none of his Republican rivals. But Romney’s campaign is using Arizona Senator John McCain, who is traveling with Romney in NH and South Carolina, to go after Rick Santorum. McCain is accusing Santorum of supporting as much pork barrel spending as he could when he served in Washington.