RNC Holds Convention Watch Party In Windham

Aug 28, 2012

About 50 people gathered around a flatscreen television at Albert Letizio’s sales and marketing business in Windham last night, for a convention watch party held by the Republican National Committee.  Next door in the kitchen, another dozen helped themselves to heaps of food and giant pans of cookies.

They were there to watch the Republican National Convention, in Tampa – in particular to cheer on Senator Kelly Ayotte, and Hudson businessman Jack Gilchrist, a featured speaker.

The event’s host, businessman Al Letizio, says he and Gilchrist agree that they built their businesses with the help of their families, not their government. 

“He said he built that business with his hands, and his father before him, they’re the ones that took out the loan against their house, they’re the ones that made the payroll, with the help of their family and their employees, not with the heavy hand of the government.”

Letizio got involved in the Romney campaign after he decided to put a “We Did Build This” sign in front of his business – which was on the route of President Obama’s motorcade, earlier this summer.

The convention watch party also served as a phone bank, where volunteers made calls on behalf of the RNC.