The Return Of Campaign Finance Reform

Apr 9, 2013

After an election that saw unprecedented amounts of money spent – the call for limits has come up again, whether on dollar amounts…or more disclosure, so voters will know who’s funding what.  But these efforts, including one recently in New Hampshire, often bump into a variety of concerns.  We’ll look at the state of campaign finance in the Granite State.


  • Corey Lewandowski -  State director for the New Hampshire chapter of Americans For Prosperity, a group that promotes limited government and greater personal freedom.
  • Olivia Zink -   Program Director for the Coalition for Open Democracy, a non-profit organization that links groups seeking to increase transparency in political processes.

We'll also hear from:

  • Jeb Bradley – NH senator from Wolfeboro who sponsored a bill to promote disclosure of  spending amounts by PACs and special interest groups in New Hampshire