Rest Stop Check-In: How Are N.H. Voters Feeling The Day After The Election? | New Hampshire Public Radio

Rest Stop Check-In: How Are N.H. Voters Feeling The Day After The Election?

Nov 9, 2016

This election has been a long slog, especially here in New Hampshire. Now, it’s over, and NHPR’s Jack Rodolico went out to see how people were feeling.

Jack: Alright so it’s the morning after Election Day. And I’m at the rest stop on 93 in Hooksett. Because it’s neutral ground: whoever you voted for, you gotta stop at a rest stop. Let’s see what people think.

And let’s go right to a super-psyched Trump supporter, Francis Mulder.

Francis: YES!

You’re psyched?

Francis: Are you kidding me? You bet! I’m sick of the corruption. I’m sick of the lies! The corruption is disgusting me. What goes around, comes around. And Hillary, you got it.

Trump supporters were gratified to see one of his biggest claims come true. Bill Nichols says the Mainstream Media truly, completely, misread this election.

Bill: The polls were wrong, and they didn’t see it. So I don’t see them apologizing saying how wrong they were.

Despite his win, Trump and his opponent Hillary Clinton were both saddled with high unfavorability marks from voters. So, let’s check in with Phil Archambault. Today he’s feeling ambivalent.

Phil: Between the two options I find it surprising that either party couldn’t put a candidate forward that would completely run away with the election based off of the opponent. It’s amazing but it’s what we got. It’s what we’re dealt with. It’s almost like the outcome we deserve.

It wasn’t hard to meet Clinton supporters at the rest stop – she did buck the national trend in swing states by winning New Hampshire Tuesday night. I met several supporters like Quintin Dean who, despite a crushing loss, seemed humbled and ready to move on.

Quinton: Whether you agree or disagree, he is gonna be the next president of the United States. We have to support him and I have confidence he’s going to mellow and do the right things.

You have incredible poise and confidence on the day after this election when so many people are in turmoil who voted for Clinton.

Quinton: I voted for Clinton. I did vote for Clinton. And I would like to have seen her win. But I’m sorry. I’m an American. I realize, hey, we have to support Donald Trump. We have to support the next president of the United States. I wish him the best. I’m on his side now.