Republican Senate Candidates "Stump On A Stump" In Concord

Aug 10, 2014

Credit Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR

  The Republican Candidates vying for the chance to run against Jeanne Shaheen for Senate in November were stumping in Concord over the weekend. Scott Brown, Jim Rubens and Bob Smith faced questions about agricultural and timber policies at an event hosted by the New Hampshire Farm Bureau and the Timberland Owners Association at Carter Hill Orchard.

Brown used the opportunity to say that he wants to cut the red tape required to get temporary worker visas.

"We should have a mechanism that streamlines that process. Is it more inspectors? Is it more judges? Is it more computers? Is it more money? What is it?" Brown told the crowd, "And when I was there I was working on those very important issues."

Smith laid out his opposition to the Food Safety Modernization Act, which created stricter sanitation rules for farmers and was passed in 2011.

Rubens reiterated his pledge to limit himself to two terms in office, support campaign finance reform, and cutting all energy subsidies as a way of combating climate change.

The event, in which candidates are invited to "stump on the stump" invites the candidates to give speeches from on top of a tree stump, and is a tradition in New Hampshire politics. The three will appear together again on Thursday for a debate in North Conway.