Rep. Kuster Demands Answers from VA over GI Bill Problems

Nov 30, 2018

Credit Peter Biello / NHPR

Congresswoman Annie Kuster is joining a handful of colleagues in demanding answers from the VA on how it will overcome problems implementing the Forever GI Bill.

The bill, signed by President Trump last year, sought to provide enhanced benefits to veterans seeking higher education.

However, technical problems hampered the VA's ability to correctly process housing and education benefit payments, and some vets received less than they were due.

Kuster serves on the House Committee on Veterans Affairs. She says the VA has not kept track of who they may have underpaid.

"These are great people. They've worked hard. They have important skills. This administration has completely botched the administration of this," Kuster says.

Kuster says any veteran who believes the VA owes them benefits should contact her office at 603-226-1002 or 1-888-442-4551.

The VA says in a statement that "every single Veteran" will be made whole.