Regulators Reject Eversource Plan to Purchase Power from Northern Pass

Mar 28, 2017

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New Hampshire utility regulators have rejected Eversource's plan to purchase about ten percent of the power from the proposed Northern Pass Project.

The proposed agreement would have reserved 100 megawatts of the Northern Pass power line for Eversource.

The deal was rolled out as a way to show that the energy over the power line would in fact benefit New Hampshire rate-payers.

Eversource would take the energy it purchased from the Canadian hydro electricity giant HydroQuebec and resell it on the open market. Any profit or loss would be passed on to New Hampshire electric customers. If regional electric rates were high, customers would save, but if not they would pay.

The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission ruled that this arrangement would saddle ratepayers with undue risk and wasn't permissible under state law.