'Reading Lolita in Tehran' Author Azar Nafisi

Oct 13, 2015

Following the Iranian revolution, the new regime grew stricter toward women, and cracked down on intellectuals. Our guest today, Azar Nafisi, stayed on in her position as literature professor to resist the system, but the restrictions ultimately pushed her out. Now a longtime U.S. resident, she advocates for intellectual freedom, and the importance of humanities.


  • Azar Nafisi - author of the best-selling 'Reading Lolita in Tehran.' She's a visiting professor and executive director Cultural Conversations at the Foreign Policy Institute of Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. She's in New Hampshire as the guest speaker for the New Hampshire Humanities Council  annual dinner tonight.

Learn more about Azar Nafisi's #BooksSave campaign here.

A short video from a conversation with Azar Nafisi at New York Public Library: