Rand Paul Visits Milford On 'Announcement Tour'

Apr 8, 2015

When Rand Paul took the podium at Milford Town Hall, he was quick to indicate his vision of what granite state voters want.

“I come to N.H. to announce that I will fight for your right to be left alone.”

Paul railed against government surveillance of phone records and said he’d keep the federal government out of states when it comes to education. He also cited a balanced budget amendment and term limits for member of congress as a way to “defeat the Washington machine.”

Paul’s remarks skipped any mention of his father, former Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who placed second in the 2012 N.H. primary, but whose isolationist-tinged foreign policy vision hurt him with some Republicans.

Rand Paul, instead spoke of a national defense “unparalleled, undefeatable and unencumbered by overseas nation building:

“I envision a national defense that promotes, as Reagan put it ‘peace through strength’

After his stop in Milford, Paul was to travel to South Carolina and then on to Iowa.