Rail Study Group Expects 3,000 Riders Daily Between Manchester and Boston

Mar 5, 2014

New details released by the Capitol Corridor rail study group during a public hearing Wednesday night point toward higher ridership than expected.


Ken Kinney is a consultant from URS Corporation and the project manager for the rail study. He says 3,100 passengers could be expected to use the commuter rail service each day, both ways between Boston and Manchester.

“The answer to that question, is that 3,000 number any good? It’s not spectacular, but it is satisfactory.” 

Kinney says that's enough to compete for a federal grant, which would be needed to pay for at least half the project. It’s also more than twice the number of passengers who ride the Downeaster between Portland and Boston.

Of the options presented, one would build upon an existing Mass Transit rail from Boston to Lowell.

The study, which is expected to be complete later this year, will outline expected costs, financing options and a schedule to complete construction by 2020.  

The executive council approved the nearly $4 million feasibility study last year.