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Racial Justice Activists Seek Answers on Claremont Boy's Injuries

Sep 8, 2017

The boy's grandmother posted a photo of his injury on social media.

A social and racial justice group is calling on the Claremont Police Department to be more forthcoming with information about injuries suffered by an 8-year-old biracial boy last month.

The Valley News reports that a group of teenagers allegedly used racial slurs and placed a rope around the boy’s neck, before pushing him off a picnic table. The Claremont Police Chief told the Valley News that an investigation has been opened, but he could not provide details because the matter involves juveniles.  

John Gregory-Davis, a pastor at Meriden Congregational Church, is a member of the Upper Valley chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice. He said he appreciates the sensitive nature of the case. However, he maintains the community has a right to know more about what occurred, and to address racism.


“I don’t know all of the legal ramifications but I do feel strongly that they should be as transparent and open as they can be,” he said. “To pretend this is just an unfortunate incident between some misguided children is to downplay seriously what happened here.”


Gregory-Davis said Showing Up for Racial Justice and other organizations in the region are considering steps to raise awareness of racism. 

"The details of the investigation are not as relevant as the fact that an instance like this occurred  and what we as a community do about it," he said.