Quebec Announces Funding for Manchester’s Franco-American Centre

Oct 2, 2018

The Quebec government has announced $7,500 in funding for a New Hampshire organization that promotes French culture.


The money will go toward programming organized by the Franco-American Centre in Manchester. That includes a celebration of the Quebec National Holiday in June.


The announcement came soon after Canadian and U.S. officials reached a tentative trade deal after more than a year of high-stakes NAFTA negotiations.  


Mary-Claude Francoeur is a delegate with the Quebec Government Office in Boston and took part in the announcement Monday. She says the Franco-American Centre funding is a tribute to positive Canada-U.S. relations more locally.


"The quality of the relationship that we have is not always reflected in some of the posturing you can see at higher-level negotiation," Francoeur said.


As part of the agreement, funding will be spread out over the next three years.