PUC Gets Funding To Study Local Value of Net Energy Metering | New Hampshire Public Radio

PUC Gets Funding To Study Local Value of Net Energy Metering

Oct 2, 2019

Credit Annie Ropeik / NHPR

The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission is moving forward with a study of local renewable energy generation. It could help clarify cost issues that have been a sticking point in the state legislature.

The study focuses on net metering, which allows energy customers to generate their own power – using technologies like solar or hydro – and sell it back to the grid. It can save money for consumers, but it saps revenue from electric utilities.

Supporters have tried and failed for two years now to pass a bill that would expand net metering for large customers, like towns and businesses.

Opponents, including the governor, argue this would pass on costs to other energy users, especially residents. The PUC says they don’t have enough data to know if that would happen.

The PUC has now received $400,000 from the Governor and Executive Council to get more of that data from utilities and analyze it.

The Business and Industry Association, which has been critical of net metering expansion plans in the past, says it supports the study. Results are due out by next summer.

This story has been updated to clarify the headline and past BIA stances on net metering.