Public Weighs In On Proposed N.H. State Budget

Mar 18, 2019

Credit josh rogers / nhpr

Hundreds turned out for the House Finance Committee's public hearing Monday on the state budget. Carol Conforti-Adams, who uses a wheelchair because of a car accident, told lawmakers the state needs to increase Medicaid rates to pay for home health aides.

"I am like an infant. I have personal care needs and I need someone to do them for me. But once I get in my chair, I hold three jobs."

Berlin school superintendent Corinne Cascadden told lawmakers that insufficient school aid is breaking her city.

"The city cannot continue to operate its school system without New Hampshire upholding a constitutional responsibility for state aid to education."

The budget proposed by Governor Chris Sununu keeps the current school aid formula. Sununu's plan increased funding in many programs for people with disabilities, but left most Medicaid provider rates untouched.