Prosecutors: Conflict of Interest Means Labrie's Lawyer Can't Represent Him in New Motion

Apr 27, 2016

Prosecutors in the case of a former St. Paul’s School student convicted of rape are seeking to remove Owen Labrie’s lawyer from his request for a new trial.  

Labrie is seeking a new trial, claiming his attorneys were ineffective. But in a court filing Tuesday, prosecutors argue that Labrie’s current lawyer, although she was not his lead trial counsel, was involved in the defense before and during the trial.  

In other words, the state is saying that Attorney Jaye Rancourt cannot litigate a claim against the very trial team she was a part of. 

Prosecutors are asking that the presiding judge kick Rancourt off this particular motion and allow Labrie time to hire a new attorney. 

In an earlier filing, Rancourt argued Labrie’s trial lawyers didn’t defend Labrie against one particular charge -- using a computer to lure a minor into sex, which held the longest prison sentence, until after he was convicted. 

Labrie is serving a one-year sentence for having sex with an underage freshman girl days before he graduated from St. Paul’s in Concord.