Primarily Politics Podcast: Midnight Voting Rivalries, Fringe Candidate 101

Jan 15, 2016

Credit Sara Plourde for NHPR

In this week's episode we get into the primary free-for-all, from three towns that all want to be the first to vote first in the nation;  to the dozens of lesser-known names on the primary ballot and what exactly they're doing there. 

Listen to the episode:

There Can Be Only One First Ballot: Dixville Notch, in northern New Hampshire, is well known for its famous midnight voting. But it's only one town among several casting those early votes. And they can't all be first; as they say in the movie “Highlander,” there can be only one.  Ian Aldrich, senior editor at Yankee Magazine, joins Brady to talk about his piece "Race to the Ballot Box in New Hampshire," which appears in the January/February of the magazine. 

The Best Known Lesser-Knowns: Top candidates look for 51 percent of the vote. The more obscure ones are aiming to get 51 votes! Felice Belman, politics editor of the Boston Globe, shares memories of some of the most memorable "fringe" and outsider candidates. And pro tips from the fringe: Vermin Supreme shares the serious side that fuels his anything-but-serious antics on the primary trail.