President Trump Approves Disaster Declaration For Grafton County

Aug 16, 2019


President Trump has approved a major disaster declaration for Grafton County. Last month, severe rains and flash flooding caused significant road damage.

Federal, state and local officials estimate it cost $2.9 million dollars to respond to the flooding.

Ten communities had their infrastructure affected by the storm, including the town of Orange, which had an estimated $900,000 in damages.

“It’s a tremendous difference to our tiny town,” said Dorothy Heinrichs, chair of the town select board.

She says with this declaration, the town can move forward with making permanent repairs to town roads.

“This allows immediate work to begin on making roads safe again.”

Sections of Cardigan Mountain Road, a state road, need to be reground, replaced and repaved.

With the declaration, towns like Orange can apply for grants from the federal government to make repairs and replacements.