Portsmouth Settles Lawsuit With Former 'Whistleblower' Police Officer

Dec 20, 2017

A former Portsmouth police officer and the city of Portsmouth have agreed to settle a lawsuit regarding an alleged violation of whistleblower rights.

In 2014, Portsmouth police officer Jon Connors gave an interview to the Portsmouth Herald. He told them he often saw fellow officer Aaron Goodwin at the home of his wealthy neighbor, Geraldine Webber.

A judge would later rule that former-Officer Goodwin exerted undue influence over Webber to get her to change her will to benefit him.

But Connors says in the meantime, his superiors punished him for speaking out. He filed a lawsuit against the city in 2015, saying they violated his free-speech and whistleblower rights.

Now, Connors and the city are settling the suit for $330,000.

Attorney Paul McEachern represented Connors in the negotiations.

“It vindicates him and brings closure and it brings an end to the group denial of what went on with the city administration.”

Goodwin was fired from the department in 2015.