Popular (But Unsafe) Plymouth Ski Jump Demolished | New Hampshire Public Radio

Popular (But Unsafe) Plymouth Ski Jump Demolished

Oct 14, 2015

A 35-year-old popular high school ski jump in New Hampshire has been demolished after an engineer deemed it unsafe.

The jump was built by the Plymouth High School ski team in 1979. It was demolished Wednesday, despite an effort on Facebook to save it.

A fundraiser for the project raised most of the $50,000 goal.

The State Jump Meet will be held at the Plymouth jump in February, so organizers hope to have a new structure built by the end of the year.

New Hampshire is the only state that still offers competitive ski jumping as a high school sport and seven schools participate. It doesn't get the same financial support as some of the glamour sports, so it relies heavily on volunteers who donate time, money and effort to maintain jumps around the state.