Political Losers: The Concession Speech

Nov 4, 2014

Credit born1945 via flickr Creative Commons

No politician wants to write a concession speech, but in politics there can only be one winner. We spoke to Brady Carlson about what happens after the race is called. Here are a few memorable political concession speeches and even an inside look into how a candidate goes about writing one.

Nixon's 1962 California Gubernatorial concession speech.

Chris McDaniel's non-concession, concession speech after losing the Republican Senate primary in Mississippi.

After losing the New Jersey Gubernatorial race to Chris Christie, Barbara Buono's concession speech lambasted her own party. Skip to the 10:50 minute mark.

Vice President Al Gore finally concedes after the Supreme Court's ruling in 2000.

Senator John McCain asks his supporters to stop booing as he concedes the presidential election to then Senator  Barack Obama in 2008.

Mitt Romney begins the process of writing his concession speech in 2012. From the Netflix documentary Mitt.