Political Junkie Ken Rudin On Congressional Republicans, 2016 Candidates, and 'Bibigate'

Feb 4, 2015

We're looking at some of the top recent political headline in our monthly check-in with Political Junkie Ken Rudin: congressional Republicans flexing their newfound political muscles, challenging the White House on immigration, health care, and foreign policy, and Mitt Romney bows out of the presidential race, leaving supporters with a long list of alternatives.

Credit Joe Gall / Flickr/CC

  • Ken Rudin - host of The Political Junkie, a weekly radio show covering national, state, and local politics. He is an expert in U.S. politics and campaign history, and a former NPR political editor.
  • Listen to Ken's recent podcast about the thinning 2016 Senate field: "If the 34 seats up, 24 of them are currently held by the GOP.  As dispiriting as that sounds, it’s even worse for them if you look at who’s up in 2016:  very few Democratic targets, far more vulnerable Republicans."

This week's trivia question:

Before Joe Biden, who was the last senator who was on the ballot for either President or Vice President, and also re-election to a Senate office at the same time.

Listen to the answer here: