Plymouth State University Receives Grant To Train Students On Treating Opioid Use

Sep 11, 2018

Credit AP

Plymouth State University has received a grant from the federal government to train its clinical mental health students in treating substance abuse.

The $400,000 will go towards two things: paying students a $10,000 stipend when they intern at a partner health center, and providing training and conference funding for students and faculty.

Robin Hausheer is an assistant professor at Plymouth State. She says there's a shortage of mental health care workers across the state. And those folks are key in meeting the needs of people struggling with substance abuse.

"I hope that this grant helps us to recruit those individuals that are investigating the helping professions fields,” she said.

She added that hopefully students who do come will stay and work in New Hampshire. 

Hausheer and her colleagues are also looking to provide support for families of teens who might be in recovery or using substances.