Plymouth State Drops SAT And ACT Scores For Applicants

Aug 22, 2014

Credit: Plymouth State University

Students applying to Plymouth State University will no longer be required to submit SAT and ACT scores.

The University has decided to step away from the standardized tests, and put more emphasis on a student's high school GPA. Andrew Palumbo, Plymouth's Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management, says the GPA is simply a better measure of how prepared a student is for college.

"The whole idea of using these test scores is that  it puts everyone on an even playing field, but the data suggest otherwise," says Palumbo. And we trust four years of academic performance in a classroom over four hours on a Saturday morning."

Palumbo says Plymouth State will look in particular at an applicant's performance in English, math, science, social studies and foreign languages.

Ten schools in New Hampshire do not require SAT and ATC scores, but Plymouth is the first major public university in the state to drop the standardized tests.