Planned Parenthood Contract Puts Attention On Sununu

Jun 28, 2016

Credit NHPR Staff

Chris Sununu has voted for state contracts with Planned Parenthood , and he's voted against them.

This one, which would send $638,000 to seven clinics, five run by Planned Parenthood. It would subsidize low cost birth control, STD testing, and cancer screenings. 

The fight over the contract could prove a big moment in the race for governor. Democrats, including fellow councilor and gubernatorial candidate Colin Van Ostern are pushing Sununu, who identifies as pro-choice, to support the contract. 

Sununu's GOP rivals are pushing for him to reject it. Some, like Senator Jeanie Forrester, are stressing their own opposition to abortion. Others, like State Rep. Frank Edelblut are mocking Sununu for his past votes to send state money to Planned Parenthood, which, Edelblut has likened to funding "bondage education." 

Chris Sununu has yet to indicate how he will vote.  Other Republicans on the council have questioned the timing of this contract.  But state officials say it is being considered now due to the availability of matching federal funds.