Pipeline Protesters Deliver Petition to N.H. Statehouse

Dec 11, 2015

Activists opposing a plan to build a major natural gas pipeline through Southern New Hampshire delivered a petition of more than 10,000 signatures to Governor Hassan Friday.

Before streaming inside to deliver the petition, pipeline opponents gathered in front of the statehouse to talk about what they didn't like about the Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline, or NED.

Maryann Harper lives in Rindge and says their opposition can't be defined as a "NIMBY" issue.

"You'll find it was coined in the 1980s and basically means that a group wants something or recognizes the need for something, and they just don't want it located or sited near them. Well guess what, we don't need NED and we don't want it anywhere!"

The need for additional natural gas pipelines has been identified by the New England Independent System operator, which manages the region's electric grid, as well as various regional industry interest groups.