Pipe Trouble: A Controversial Video Game

Apr 8, 2013

Screen shot from the game.
Credit via pipetrouble.com

A major spill of heavy crude oil in Arkansas couldn’t come at a worse time for the Canadian tar sands industry - though President Obama has hinted he’s preparing to green-light the much-debated Keystone XL pipeline, any push in the wrong direction could finish the project before it even begins.  Meanwhile a new report from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce says that, without new pipelines to help ease production bottlenecks, Canada will be missing out on an estimated 15 billion dollars annually.

A new videogame released for iOS and Android illustrates the difficult realities facing the transportation of natural resources –Word of Mouth’s Taylor Quimby played the Pipe Trouble and talked to the creator, Alex Jansen, about the game and the controversy it’s dug up.