Pilgrim's Progress

Nov 20, 2012

Credit Phil Gyford via Flickr Creative Commons

A metaphor for making one’s way through the world is the pilgrimage. The pilgrim aspired to following an inner path, guided by the spirit, from a state of wretchedness to blessedness.  We’ve been following a literary magazine that draws on all these traditions.

The Pilgrim features writing by homeless people, many of whom congregate at Boston’s historic Cathedral Church of Saint Paul. The publication recently celebrated its first anniversary and will host its first public reading on December 5 at The Brookline Booksmith in Brookline, Massachusetts. We spoke to James Parker, editor of The Pilgrim, and two regular contributors, Dave and Paul, who asked that we withhold their last names.

Subscriptions of the magazine ($20.00 for 10 issues) are available by writing to:

The Pilgrim
Cathedral Church of St. Paul
138 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02118