Paying for Public Schools

Jul 12, 2017

Almost twenty years after a court ruling that was supposed to radically alter education funding, a new report says not much has changed. And, it says, poor and rural towns could be in for a bigger hit in terms of state dollars in the near future. We'll find out more, including what the report calls a "new education normal."



  • David Juvet - Senior Vice President of the Business & Industry Association of New Hampshire.
  • Steve Norton - Executive director of the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies.
  • Middleton McGoodwin - Superintendent of schools for the Claremont School District.
  • Garry Rayno - Author of Distant Dome, a Manchester Ink Link and series that explores stories from the NH Statehouse. He formerly worked as a reporter for the Union Leader.
  • John Tobin - Lawyer who was part of the team that represented Claremont School District in Claremont School District v Governor of New Hampshire in 1995, regarding public school funding.