Oyster River Cooperative School District Adopts Indigenous People's Day

Sep 4, 2018

Credit Oyster River School District

After Durham's decision to adopt the holiday, community members asked Oyster River superintendent Jim Morse if adopting Indigenous People's Day is something he would consider.

Morse says this is part of the district's efforts to be inclusive of all people. 

"Our history, collective history goes back beyond Columbus. Goes back well thousands of years, roughly 13, 000 years, and to recognize the influence that  our indigenous people have on our current culture," he said.

It'll be up to teachers in Oyster River schools to decide what they want teach and incorporate in their classes.

Morse added that the district will recognize this day along with Columbus Day.

"So in our own little way, I think Oyster River is trying to say we're a rich diverse country. Let's celebrate and recognize that richness and that diversity," he said.