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May 12, 2014:  New Details Emerge In Officer's Death In Brentwood

Reporter Sam Evans-Brown was on the scene of the shooting death of Officer Steve Arkell.  His report recapped the day's tragic events.

April 2, 2014:  Loophole Means Many Child Restraints Go Unreported In New Hampshire

Physically restricting a child’s movement by holding arms or legs or torso is a common--if controversial--practice in both public schools and group homes. So, too, is seclusion. Many states have reporting systems that ensure regulators and parents get notified of these events. But in New Hampshire, there’s a loophole in the process that’s allowing many incidents to go unreported.

August 5, 2014:  Forced Overtime Exhausts Prison Officers, Costs State Millions

For more than a decade, New Hampshire prisons have been under enormous pressure.  The prison population has gone up as staff numbers have gone down.  Aside from the inmates, few feel the consequences as acutely as the state’s correctional officers.

January 16, 2014:  N.H. Bhutanese Community Shaken By Recent Suicide, Seeks To Prevent Others

In November, a Bhutanese refugee living in Concord killed himself. Nationally, Bhutanese refugees have the highest suicide rate of any refugee population. And here in New Hampshire, where nearly 2,000 Bhutanese refugees have resettled in the last six years, the community is scrambling to answer the questions ‘why does this happen?’ and ‘how do we prevent it?’

March 7, 2014:  Tension And Suspicion Between Wind Farm Host Towns And Neighbors

At Town Meeting this year, a handful of towns in the Newfound Lake region, and elsewhere, will take up questions related to wind farms. Many of these articles highlight the tensions between neighboring towns when one hosts a wind farm and its tax benefits, and the other just has to look at it. This dynamic often plays out in small town politics that may come to a head on Town Meeting Day.

September 12, 2014:  Garcia Slams Obamacare, But Won't Say How She Is Covered

The Republican candidates gunning for federal office in New Hampshire are all trying to put the Democratic incumbents on defense over the Affordable Care Act.  But one of the most avid critics, Second District G.O.P. nominee, Marilinda Garcia, is declining to say how she gets coverage.

October 13, 2014: Why All Candidates Embrace The Shipyard, But The Shipyard Doesn't Embrace All The Candidates

The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is a major economic engine on both sides of the Piscataqua, so it gets a lot of attention from politicians. But while the unions on the shipyard endorse Democrats almost exclusively, individuals on base are no monolith.

November 4, 2014:  Live election night coverage

November 5, 2014:  Shaheen Tops Brown For U.S. Senate

The polls had predicted this race would be tight, and for a time last night, even after media outlets had declared Jeanne Shaheen the winner, Scott Brown briefly held a slim lead. But by night's end, it was Shaheen and her backers savoring a win in a contest party leaders here and in Washington wanted dearly.

November 27, 2014: Can Football Without Helmets Lead To Fewer Concussions?

On the field, the UNH Wildcats had a nearly perfect season, advancing into the playoffs as the top ranked team in their division. But off the field, a study using this team is trying to figure out how to reduce concussions. The big idea is to protect player’s heads by having them practice - without a helmet.

June 19, 2014: The Mazzaglia Trial Captivates... But Why?

It’s been more than three weeks since the state’s trial against Seth Mazzaglia got underway.  The state alleges Mazzaglia murdered and raped UNH student Lizzi Marriott.  While NHPR doesn’t have a reporter at the Strafford County court house following daily developments … the story has captivated many in the state including our Seacoast reporter Emily Corwin.  And she’s taken her microphone along on a mission--to find out why.

April 15, 2014:  Amid Opioid Crisis, Lawmakers Will Consider Banning A New Painkiller

State lawmakers are wading into the debate over the controversial new painkiller Zohydro.  A Senate committee will take up legislation Tuesday that would impose an 18-month moratorium on the new drug, an especially potent formulation of hydrocodone.

March 28, 2014:  How An Abandoned Train Ended Up In A N.H. Forest

You've seen abandoned houses.  Windows broken or boarded up.  You've probably seen abandoned cars in the woods.  NHPR's Sean Hurley recently came upon an abandoned train in Bartlett.  To find out more about its history, he spoke with Conway Scenic Railroad Conductor Gordon Lang.

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