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Outside/In Roundtable: Cap and Trade

Oct 12, 2019

The Outside/In team demystifies cap-and-trade programs in the Northeast.

In the midst of mounting global concern about climate change, some East Coast states are developing strategies to manage carbon emissions. 

Participating states already limit and price power sector emissions through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), now in its tenth year.

But last week, New Hampshire's Department of Environmental Services discussed addressing another source of carbon pollution: gas and diesel emissions from cars.

In New England, the transportation sector is the top source of greenhouse gases exacerbating the effects of climate change.

If New Hampshire adopted the Transportation Carbon Initiative (TCI), the state would be joining a plan developed by East Coast states as far south as Virginia.

To demystify these programs and answer these questions, Sam Evans-Brown hosts a panel of seasoned environmental reporters to discussion the potential of cap-and-trade programs in the Northeast.


The Panelists

Annie Ropeik, NHPR's Energy & Environment reporter. 
"N.H. Joins Northeast States Considering Carbon Price Program."

Maxine Joselow, reporter for E&E News.
"Cap and trade for cars? 'It gets pretty complicated.'"

Marianne Lavelle, reporter for InsideClimate News.
"A Major Fossil Fuel State is Joining RGGI, the Northeast's Carbon Market."


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