Outside/In: 'Raw Water' Trends

Jun 18, 2018

In this week's episode, stories of magical thinking. First, what's better - the tap you know, or the roadside spring you don't? We dig into the "raw water" trend, and sample some springs around the state. Then, you can throw a Christmas wreath in the bin, but that doesn't mean it's going to get recycled; we'll investigate how changes to the international waste trade, and our habit of 'wishful recycling' might just land more of our goods in the landfill. Then we make Sam ruin some of our favorite stuff for the sake of environmentalism. 

Magical Drinking

For thousands of years some natural spring waters have been associated with health. But recently something called the “raw water movement” has scientists and health officials reminding the public that drinking from untested springs can make you sick.  Today, we try to sort it all out: are springs a healing tonic, a source for unadulterated H20, or a passing fad and a dangerous throwback?

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One Bin to Rule Them All

Over the years, cities and towns have found ways to make recycling virtually effortless for us. Most places in the country have curbside pickup. You put the recycling out with the trash, it gets hauled away for free, and you get to feel good about it. It’s the right thing to do.

But the reality is, recycling doesn’t work because we believe in it. It works because it’s an industry.  You might be keeping that plastic bottle out of your trash bin, but the commodities market keeps it out of the landfill. That plastic bottle is cash in someone’s pocket. 

But what happens when the way we recycle no longer fits the rest of the equation? Where does our trash go when our partners aren’t buying?

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Sam Ruined It: Hybrid Cars

An excerpt from an episode of Ask Sam, where Sam and a couple of the Outside/In producers tackled questions about disappearing caterpillar legs, animal sexuality, living fossils, elevator efficiency and craaaaazy biking habits. 

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