#OnlyInNH: Tell Us What to Investigate

Feb 3, 2017

Update: Thanks to all who weighed in! More than 400 of you cast your votes, and we'll let have more details soon on the winning question and our plans from here. In the meantime, make sure to keep sending your questions our way here.

A few weeks ago, we started asking you to tell us what you've been wondering about life in New Hampshire. Since then, more than 60 of you — from Bristol to Boscawen to Milan to Milford — have weighed in with questions about everything from roadside graffiti to state regulations.

We’re already planning to follow up on at least a few of the questions you’ve sent in so far. But we received far more than we’re able to investigate all at once, so we need some help deciding which ones to tackle first — and that's where you come in.

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Here's how it works...

1. Using the poll below (or this link), let us know which question you most want to know the answer to. We'll leave this voting round open for the next week, and you’ll have until Feb. 10 to pick your favorite. (Once you've voted, make sure to tell your friends, too! Anyone's welcome to weigh in, even if you didn’t submit a question for consideration during our first round.)

2. At the end of next week, the question that has the largest share of the vote will be the one we start investigating first.

3. We'll get to work tracking down an answer to the winning question and (hopefully) will report back soon with our findings. Pretty simple, right?

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If you submitted a question and don't see it on the list of finalists here, don't worry: we didn't toss it out entirely. We're keeping track of all of the questions we've received since the start of this project — and we could bring earlier questions back up during future voting rounds, or we might end up following up on our own.

If you think you have another even more brilliant, interesting or important question to send our way, you haven't missed your chance! This is just the beginning, and we'll keep collecting questions in the months to come. Send in yours, now or later, right here.