Online Fundraiser for Claremont Boy Quickly Raises Thousands

Sep 15, 2017

A photo from the Go Fund Me website for the young Claremont boy allegedly targeted in a lynching-style attack by local teenagers.

As of Thursday morning, nearly $25,000 had been raised for the young boy injured recently in an alleged race-based attack in Claremont. 

Hundreds have contributed to an online fundraising campaign for the eight-year-old biracial boy and his family. That's in just the couple of days that the Go-Fund-Me site has been active.

The boy was allegedly attacked by local teenagers who called him racial slurs before tying a rope around his neck and pushing him off a picnic table. According to Facebook posts by his family, the boy was flown to the hospital for treatment.

The story has put national attention on Claremont. Residents there organized a vigil Tuesday night, and local officials say they're looking at how the city can respond.

The boy's mother has posted to Facebook in recent days that her younger son has been hospitalized for a blood disorder, putting even more stress on the family.